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Questions about the Group

  1. How do you pronounce the name Dawnswyr Delyn?

    Dounce-wirr Dellinn. The rr is rolled.

  2. What does it mean?

    Literally, Delyn Dancers. Delyn is the name of the former borough of North Wales in which Mold is situated. It was formed from the names of the two main rivers that flow through the area - the Dee and the Alyn. However, it also has a nice double-meaning in that Delyn also happens to be the Welsh word for Harp.

  3. Isn't Welsh Folk Dancing like Morris dancing?

    No, it couldn't be more different. There are certainly a small number of Welsh dances that can be classed as Morris, but generally Morris dancing is more common in England. Welsh Folk has more in common with Scottish Country dance, and even English folk dance although this is quite rare. Typically, Welsh Folk Dances consist of 'sets' of three or four male/female couples.

  4. How do I join your group?
    Where do you meet?
    How do I find out more information about you?

    You can contact us for more information. Also see the About us page for details of where and when we meet, or the Calendar page if you'd like to see us in performance.

  5. Do I need to be a good dancer to join in?

    No. We all have to start somewhere, most of us did not have a clue before starting. You don't need to have impressive skills in order to have fun. If you wish to eventually perform with us in public, we will gradually teach you all our dances. However, it does help to have a good sense of rhythm and a good eye for patterns.

  6. Do I need to be able to speak Welsh to join in?

    No. The official language of the group is certainly Welsh, however we do not exclude people on that basis. Dancing is for your feet not for your mouth! In reality, everyone speaks in the language most suitable for the situation and you'll find that our meetings are a complete mixture of English and Welsh. You'll inevitably pick up on common Welsh phrases anyway, and will certainly get to know the terms for various dance movements.

  7. I'm a musician not a dancer, can I fit in somewhere?

    You will be welcomed with open arms!

  8. How do I find out more information about Wales/the Welsh language/Welsh folk dancing in general?

    See the Links page for other web sites. Alternatively, use a search engine such as Google UK.

Questions about this site

  1. Why is the page formatting all over the place so that I cannot read the text or find navigation links?

    You are probably using a browser that has limited stylesheet support, such as Netscape 4.79. Your best option is to turn off stylesheet support from your browser's options or preferences menu.

  2. Why do I have to scroll horizontally on the Gallery pages?
    Why is there a gap at the right of the header bar?

    You are probably using Internet Explorer, which doesn't calculate widths properly. Your best bet is to upgrade to a better browser such as Firefox, and your experience of the web generally will improve!

  3. I think this site is great/awful - how do I tell the author?
    How do I find out more about the author?

    You can send a message to the webmaster from the Contact page. This is the author's personal web site.

  4. Can I link to your site from my site?

    Sure, no problem, but please link to the main page only as internal pages may change location or name in the future.

  5. Will you provide a link to my site?

    If it is relevant and is of good quality. Use the Contact page to send a request to the webmaster. However, links to other Welsh Folk Dance groups will not be provided if they are members of the Welsh Folk Dance Society, as the Society itself maintains a set of links.

  6. Can I download pictures from your site and use them on my site?

    Yes, as long as it is for non-commercial use and you put a credit to this site. In fact, I would prefer you to download pictures into your own web space rather than linking to them from here. All content in this site is copyright © Dawnswyr Delyn unless noted otherwise. Reproduction of textual content is not permitted without prior consent.

  7. What is your privacy policy?

    No personal information is stored by this site, apart from what you choose to enter in the Guest Book. Your email addresses will not be used for any mailing lists or any purposes without your prior consent and we will certainly not give your email addresses to a third party without your prior consent. No cookies are created or read by this site, although this may change in the future to store your own preference settings if, for example, a choice of display styles is made available.